Tuesday, February 02, 2010

PVC Greenhouse: So you are thinking about an all PVC Greenhouse

I'm glad you are thinking about building your very own PVC Greenhouse. I found the project very satisfying and looked forward to all the time I could spend constructing it.

First, be sure that this is the right type of greenhouse for you. The choice to go all PVC should be made for the right reasons. There are some beautiful, professionally produced, greenhouses made of wood, metal, and (plexi-) glass that are very functional and could really be a show piece on the right property. A wood/PVC combo construction seems like another great DIY project.

I consider some of the main reasons to go all PVC as:
1) Price: PVC pipe and fittings are quite inexpensive ($0.17 a foot for the pipe). My total cost is about $150.
2) Light Weight: I built mine on a roof deck. The roof could support a greenhouse 50 times the weight of the PVC version but who wants to carry all that up the stairs.
3) Seasonal: The PVC greenhouse is made to be taken down in the spring. It breaks down to a medium size set of its main component parts. Everything should be long and thin and pretty easy to stash away.
4) Space: I am city dweller and, as such, I don't have a garage or easy access to a basement. I cannot overwinter my plants and shrubs indoors. At the same time, I have very limited outdoor space for a greenhouse in the winter and even less in the summer when I want to use my deck
for gardening and pleasure.

Full disclosure: This greenhouse has not been put to use for a single winter yet. There will be many challenges and the real success will be in the spring when (if all goes well) my plants and shrubs emerge from their winter slumber and thrive once again in the warmer weather.

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Group said...

I found a great site that has free PVC greenhouse plans and fittings for building one too at http://www.littlegreenhouse.com/accessory/pvc.shtml.

PVC greenhouse plans & fittings

Ken said...

Hi Adami,

You had mentioned a part PVC part Wood Greenhouse as well. Here is a site that lists a number of different Greenhouse Plans for free along with some useful greenhouse gardening information at www.123-greenhouse-gardening.com

Kati2010 said...

I follow your blog for a long time and must tell you that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers. Keep it up.

Alex Brown said...

I have purchased some of the supplies and I wanted to know whether or not it was worth it.

Mini Greenhouse

Sudipta Das said...

Greenhouses http://www.growhouse-greenhouses.co.uk/greenhouses.php What a great article this is, pretty interesting and learned a lot from it! Will be recommending the site to friends and Colleagues.

Tim said...

i found pvc wasn't the best. somebody told me to try twin wall and it has worked great.

Tim said...


lisaray said...

According to me PVC greenhouse can be assembled anywhere as they are light weighted.
They can be maintained easily. So, it is easier for plantation.

IT Farmer said...

Wow. I'm very happy to see you've built your greenhouse out of PVC. I built a geodesic dome type pvc greenhouse, but when I designed the base supports I didn't plan the loads correctly, and it didn't work out. A strong wind came through the area and ripped the dome apart.

I finally gave up on the idea of PVC and used a wood structure, which you can see here: http://itfarmersblog.com/?page_id=466

domsmith said...

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Dom Smith said...

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Harlin Quincy said...

I always liked the look of greenhouse buildings. The glass walls and roof. I like that you have this blog so that we may learn about building and maintaining our own.

Roel Bobis said...

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John Smith said...

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alfred said...

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